Roofing Time!

After getting used to an elaborate bucket system, roofing day is finally here! Well, okay, maybe not roofing “day,” since it’s going to take 4-5 days to do the whole roof, barn and all, but it’s still roofing time!

Though we’d originally had our hearts set on a standing seam metal roof, with such a huge and elaborate roof, the cost of using metal was way out of our price range. Instead, we opted for shingles installed by Home Depot with a 50 year warranty. Still pricey, but definitely a lower cost than metal. Plus, we figured that since it’s backed by such a large entity, we are less likely to run into hassles if there are any issues with it down the road.

After the first day of roofing, the crew (who are all really friendly), was able to get one side of the barn stripped of its old, moldy shingles and replaced those with new ones!

I’ll take be taking more pictures today of the before and after of the roof then and will post an update once it’s all done!

Yay for a new roof! No more buckets!


Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

About Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

Jennifer is an employment specialist and writer with novels in women’s fiction and science fiction. She and her husband, Jason, decided to move from Tennessee to Maine and homestead using the most environmentally sound farming practices possible such as organic farming and permaculture. At the same time, they will also be slowly renovating their 1900s Maine farmhouse in order to make it more self-sufficient with the eventual goal of going off grid. Let the homesteading (mis)adventures begin!