So. Many. Blueberries!

We were delighted to discover that our backyard has two long swaths of blueberries! Initially, I thought that the plants there were just scrub. The stiff, dry low bushes reminded me of plants on the sand dunes of North and South Carolina beaches.

I didn’t expect them to amount to much.

And then we noticed that they were producing berries in early July. How amazing that such a rough and easily overlooked plant is actually one of the gems of this state – the wild Maine blueberry! I’ve always thought that blueberries came only from larger bushes and had never heard of the low blueberry bushes before moving here.

I’ve been quite impressed with just how many blueberries these plants can produce, too! Our backyard blueberry bushes have so far yielded 3-4 pounds of berries and they’re still producing!

We’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate the bushes into the permaculture plan for next year since they are zero maintenance!

Of course, we’ll also have to figure out a way to use all these blueberries! So far, Jason has made a delicious coffee cake and, of course, there will be blueberry pie in our future. We’ve also frozen some and plan to freeze more, but any other recommendations for how to use this surplus of berries is welcome!

Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

About Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

Jennifer is an employment specialist and writer with novels in women’s fiction and science fiction. She and her husband, Jason, decided to move from Tennessee to Maine and homestead using the most environmentally sound farming practices possible such as organic farming and permaculture. At the same time, they will also be slowly renovating their 1900s Maine farmhouse in order to make it more self-sufficient with the eventual goal of going off grid. Let the homesteading (mis)adventures begin!